Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Sweety is my real name.But in the film its my nick name... ANUSHKA

Anushka having very good time in this year.Bahubali and Rudramadevi are blogbusters.Now the new film SizeZero which is directed by Prakash Kovelamudi is releasing on 27th November.So in occation Anushka given an interview.In this film the role of her is as a fattest lady.The concept is about weightloss.
Anushka told that..................

  • Nowadays ladies facing the overweight problem.After hearing their problems decided to do this film.
  • KanikaThillan wife of Kovelamudi given this story.
  • I took it as a challenge when they said about gaining of 20 kgs of weight.
  • I stopped my daily workouts.So i gained it very fast.
  • The story is about the girl who is very fat and grownup with parents love.When they decided to do her marraige with NRI they will afraid of her weight.
  • In this film my name is Sweety.
  • Don't comment fat persons.
  • I am comfertable with telugu,tamil movies.So i am not thinking about bollywood.