Monday, 30 November 2015

RajTarun 's differentlook in Seethamma Andhalu -Ramayya Sithralu

After a great success of Kumari 21F Raj tarun is coming in new film Seethamma Andhalu -Ramayya Sitralu.Arthana is a new actress is introducing in this film.

     This is a love and family entertainer movie.Rajtarun will look in different way.It film will make everybody to feel good.

       In Shailendra productions S.Shailendrababu,K.V.Sridhar Reddy and Harish Duggishetti are producing this movie. Music by Gopi Sundhar,Editor Karthika Srinivas,Cameraman Vishwa and songs by Suddhala Ashok Teja,RamaJogayya Shastri,Vanamali,Krishna Chaitanya and Bhaskara Batla.The audio release will be in December and movie in January after post production.

You can see KAAKI in theatres in next month

In the direction of Manon .M the telugu new film KAAKI(crow) is ready to release in December.Ashok Kumar and Megasri are doing main roles.Kiran Pathikonda is producer as well as acting for this movie.He is saying that this movie is a family entertainer.What  a crow can do is we can see on the screen.This will be very interesting movie.Music director is Amrith and photography by Sharavanan Natarajan.Najar,baby Yuveena,
,Jayasudha,Yogibabu and Ramesh Pandit are another attractions in this film.The movie releasing date is may be on 12th of December of this year.    

Sunday, 29 November 2015

A new film with Anupama Parameshwaran,NagaChaitanya and ShrutiHasan.

Akkineni NagaChaitanya's new movie is being produced by Sitara Entertainment. In this movie main staring Akkineni Nagachaitanya, Anupama Parmeshwaran and Shruthi Hasan. It is remake of Malayam movie "PREMAM" There may be another heroine in this film. Who is third heroeine is under suspension. Chandhu Mondeti is director for this film. Producer is Surya Devara Naga vamshi. This film was started on by clapping Akhil akkineni on First shot. Music Gopi sundhar. Photography Karthik Gattamaneni. Jeeva, Brahmaji, Chaitanya Krishna, Noyal, Joghi brothers are other staring. 

Gunashekar's Rudhramadevi celebrating 50 days

"Rudhramadevi"  the warrior of queen movie is now celebrating 50 days (Ardha shathadhinotsavam) function in theatres.This film was released throughout the world.This  movie is supporting by both telugu states.This is a historical story of Kakateeya dynasty .  
   Both  telugu states Telangana  and Andhrapradesh people are wishing this movie to be successful for more than 100 days.Because this story is belongs to both the regions .
     In this movie Anushka  Shetti done a main role as Rudramadevi. Daggupati Rana has a main male role.Allu Arjun also played a special role as a Gona Gannareddy.Gunashekar's direction and Ilayaraja,s music are plus  points for this movie.

    This movie has a 3D effects.Because this film used 3D technology for picturisation.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

How much they have earned in 2014

Here you can see top 10 actresses payments in the year 2014 both in telugu and tamil movies.

I don't think so..... Samantha.

       Samanta is a graceful actress and busy in doing films with big heros in tollywood and kollywood.Now she is doing Bramhotsavam with Mahesh and A,AAlu in Trivikram's direction.                                                                                          When asked her about parents coming to sets then she replied that she don't think it is needed.Nobody brings parents to offices,so what is the need of it she said.
           Cinema field is a place of proffesionalism she said.I feel comfortable here.Everybody gives respect and it is like a home.
         Siddhartha and Samanta's relation was ended in this year only .Both of them were commenting against each other in Twitter.   

"Kumari 21F" is a blockbuster movie

 Sukumar's new movie in telugu is Kumari21F is a blockbuster movie.In this occation  Sukumar and team celebrated the success meet.Like this twelve years ago Arya team celebrated at  sudharshan theatre..said Dilraju who is the distributor for this movie.And he said all of that team members became stars  today.In this film hero is Raj Tarun and heroine is Heba Patel.Young people likes this movie very much.Surya Pratap is director.Devi's music and Ratnavelu's photography make this movie succeded.Palnati said thanked to Sukumar for giving direction oppertunity.                                                                                        

Devi Sri Prasad as a hero in the combination of Sukumar and Dilraju?

Till now we know about DeviSri Prasad as a great music director.He once told that if i get good story which is comfartable to me deffinately i will do as a hero.Somany fans of Devi are waiting for that movement.Finally the direction of Devi's movie chance is taken by Sukumar.Dilraju is producing this movie.Cameraman: Ratnavelu.This great surprise news released by Dillraju in 'Kumari 21F'success meet.Devi Sri Prasad said that i am very lucky to do my first film as a hero in the combination of 3 legends like Dilraju,Sukumar and Ratnavelu.This film is a lovestory is going to make by Arya movie unit who brought a great success 12 years ago.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Surya's 'Memu' movie is for kids.

Kids movies are very rare. Memu movie is speacially desingned for children.In this film Surya and Amalapal are doing main roles.Bindu Madhavi is also there.Now a days children are just going to school and carrying budle of books.Is it only the the way to learning and gaining knowledge?How to build up their charecter and how to make them wise in every aspect is going to show in this movie.PandiRaj is a director and Julakanti Madhusudhan Reddy is producer for this movie.The coming 4th this film is going to release.This movie is Surya's another experiment in his carrier.The audio is getting good response which is released recently.Music director is Arol Korelli.

Bansali's Bajirao Masthani is a wonderful real love story

'Bajirao mastani' is a life history of  marathi yoda Bajirao. In this historical movie actors are Ranveer Sing and Deepika Padhukone.Sanjay Leela Bansali is directing this film in woderful sets. This film is producing in the combination of Bansali and Eros International productions.This film is releasing on December 18th worldwidely.This film is releasing in Hindi,Tamil and also in Telugu. In this occasion Sanjay is saying about the film that in south india people encourages historical stories.Thats why he is doing in telugu and tamil languages.Its a wonderful historical love story.Telugu songs literacy is by RamaJogayya Shastri.

Soukyam audio release is on Rejina's birthday.

In Ravi Kumar's direction  Soukyam film is making.In this movie Gopichand is hero and Rejina is a heroine.In Bhavya creations V.Anandprasad is producing this film.At present in Hyderabad one song is making with Gopichand and Swetha Baradwaj.This movie's audio is going to release on 13th December.Rejina is very happy because  that day is her birthday.Director said that this function will celebrate in Vongol which is Gopichand's native place.This film is going to be released on December 25th.   

I never forget this typical experiance...HANSIKA

Northen beauty Hansika had a bad experiance in Chennai rains.Whenever she comes from Mumbai or some other place she used to come to Chennai by plane.On 24th also she came to Chennai airport and strucked in the rain.When she is in the car to reach the hotel there was heavy rains and some people are going in boats.So Hansika decided to come
out from there and  in that heavy rain she walked on flyover to reach another hotel.At that time some people identified her but nobody give inconvenience to her.And helped her.She told that she is from north but she feels south as her homeplace.She also told to people of Chennai to be brave in that situations.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

I like Sudeer Babu. Said Mahesh Babu.

 In the audio release function of 'Bale Manchi Roju' Mahesh Babu said that Sudeer Babu is a good actor and he likes him.He also told that if Sudeer Babu get good cinema he will become a star and said this film may be that cinema.Vamika is heroine for this film.SriRAM Aditya is directed this film and producers are Shashi and Vijay. Music:Sunny M.R.First audio is launched by Mahesh Babu and given to Rana.Mahesh said that the teaser of this movie is good. In this function Dil Raju,Rejina,Sandeep Kishan,Anil Sunkara,Nandi Nirayand Chaitanya Krishna are attended.

Malayala hero Mohan Lal in NTR film !

In the combination of NTR and Koratala Shiva one
 movie is going to start in the starting of 2016.Two heroines will be there. To know who are we have to wait for sometime.Mithri movies confirmed that in this  film malayalam hero padmasri Mohan Lal is doing an important role which is equal to NTR role.Mohan Lal immediately agreed for this charecter when he heard about it.  Producers are Y. Ravi Shankar and Mohan. In the occation of Krisha pushkaras this film will release on 12th of August 2016.Music for this film is Devisriprasad.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Mehar Tarar supports AmirKhan

 Everybody knows about bollywood hero Amir Khan's comments .
In this topic Pakisthan journalist Mehar Tarar gave her support to Amir.She said that India is Amir's home.Nobody have rights to say anything about Amir or his family.In this case wednesday Amir replied.He said that he will stand on his words and he don't want to leave India.He told to see his complete interview and comment. 

Meena's daughter Nainika as samanta's daughter

We already  known about great actress  Meena .First she came  as a child actor.Later she came as heroine and did so many films successfully.Now her daughter Nainika is coming to silver screen . Glamorous actress Samanta is doing a role in tamil movie.In that movie nineka playing a role as samantas daughter.Vijay is hero and director is Atlie...Kalipuli.

Samanta is doing mother charecter ?

Now Samanta  is doing tamil movies.She is trying to prove herself  in doing special characters.So now she is ready to do as mother .In Atlie's direction doing one film .Vijay as a hero.Another heroine is Amejacson.In this movie Samanta will be as a mother to a kid.How a mother looks for her daughter's love is her role.

He is harrasing me .Singer Kousalya filed a case against her husband..

Veteran telugu singer Kousalya lodged complaint against her husband subrahmanyam. She went to SR Nagar police station and give complaint to House officer of PS. She narrated that he has been harassing her since long time, and described once before she has given one complaint also. Police filed FIR against subrahmanyam. Subrahmanyam is working as supervisor in a private company. Sources says that both couple were separated and dwelling in different places. Kousalya is staying at Vengalrao nagar. Subrahmnayam is dwelling at Gachibowli. She said to police that subrahmanyam scolding in phone and she has been suffering mental torture.

Sweety is my real name.But in the film its my nick name... ANUSHKA

Anushka having very good time in this year.Bahubali and Rudramadevi are blogbusters.Now the new film SizeZero which is directed by Prakash Kovelamudi is releasing on 27th November.So in occation Anushka given an interview.In this film the role of her is as a fattest lady.The concept is about weightloss.
Anushka told that..................

  • Nowadays ladies facing the overweight problem.After hearing their problems decided to do this film.
  • KanikaThillan wife of Kovelamudi given this story.
  • I took it as a challenge when they said about gaining of 20 kgs of weight.
  • I stopped my daily workouts.So i gained it very fast.
  • The story is about the girl who is very fat and grownup with parents love.When they decided to do her marraige with NRI they will afraid of her weight.
  • In this film my name is Sweety.
  • Don't comment fat persons.
  • I am comfertable with telugu,tamil movies.So i am not thinking about bollywood.

What a wonderful chance! Madhushalini is in Kamal,s movie.

Madhushalini is a super cure heroine. She performed her role in Cheekati Rajyam well. it is latest movie of Kamalhasan. In this movie one romance seen is between them. This film is directed by Rajesh M Selva. Producers Chandhrahasan and Kamalhasan. Music director is Mohammed Gibran. Staring Kamal hasan, Thrisha, Madhushaline.

Little Boy friendships with Dynosaur !

 The animation movie 'The Good Dinosaur'is coming to theatres on this 27th of November.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

With three beauties Mahesh doing Bramhotsavam

Anandi is now in Tanu Nenu

We all known about AvikaGor as Anandi very much in Balikavadhu as a pretty girl.Now she became a famous youngster heroine in tollywood..TanuNenu movie is releasing on 27th november.So say all the best to pretty girl.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Rejina in Soukyam

Samanta's own voice in Vadachennai !

Active heroin Samanta is very busy in kollywood.Along with telugu movies she is doing other language movies.She has completed Tangaman with Danush and 24 with Surya.She is also doing Bramhotsavam in telugu and tamil.Once again with Danush she is doing Vadachennai.In that movie she is acting as a poor girl who lives in hut.In that movie she will look without makeup and black.She is also trying to give her own voice for dubbing.

Anjali is acting in Neelakanta's direction

After Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimallechettu actress Anjali got many chances.She is busy in Shankarabaranam,Chitrangana and Dictator movies.She is acting in lady orented film Chitrangana.Now she got an another chance in the direction of  Neelakanta who did a Missamma and Maya. In this ladyoriented film she is going to play a  main role. 

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Happy birthday Nagachaitanya

                                                                                   Sahasam   Swasaga         Sagipoo  teaser is released in the       occation of NagaChaitanya's birthday. Gowtam Meenan  is the directer for this movie who is given romantic image to Nagachaitanya in Em Maya Chesave.    


Happy Birthday to Manchu Vishnu

In the occation of vishnu's birthday today the first look of 'Sarada' is released.In this film his charecter  is to  being happy and making others also to be happy.In that type of person's life suddenly one lady comes.To win her love what he is going to do ?To see that we have wait for sometime.Because for this film they have completed the 2nd schedule said the director Karthik Reddy.The actress inthis movie is Sonarika.Soma Vijay Prakash and Pallikeshavarao
are producers.Music:Anuprubens.


Started learning belly dance and hip hop at the age of 10 years...Sayesha Sigal

Bollywood fames Dilip Kumar ,Sirabanu's grand daughter Sayesha Sigal got much following  of  fans .She is the first star with Akkineni Akhil in 'Akhil 'movie. About her.....

  • From last 5 generations her family members are in film industry.
  • Likes dance.Learned hiphop , belly dance and latin american dance from 10 years of age. 
  • Studied in England upto5th..Later in Mumbai.After 12th did IB Diploma.
  • After Degree started career trails.
  • Family:Mother Shaheen and father Sumeet both are actors.They were divided  at childhood.So grown up at mother in Mumbai.
  • Knows Telugu very well.But did n't take risk for 1st movie for dubbing.
  • First movie chance was with Ajay Devagan in Bollywood .But because of late shooting agreed for 'Akhil'.
  • Now doing Shivay with Ajay Devagan and another is Udchano.
  • Had house at Hyderabad .In holidays i used to go to Birla temple with mother  .
  • Never get angry more than 2 minutes

Bengal Tiger Singing Compitition!

Bengal Tiger director Sampath Nandi  in one interview told that in his first film Emindi Evela he has introduced a new singer Pavani Pande.In Bengal Tiger also he gave chance to  Nutana as a singer.She sang a song asia kandamlo....This movie is coming to theatres on December 10th.As all know hero Raviteja,heroins Tamanna and RakhiKanna are acted in this movie.The triple platinum disc function will be on this 30th.Not only movie team he also make audience  to take part in it.So he kept singing competition for all.In this competition they have to choose any one of the song from 5 movie songs.They have to sing and record the one pallavi or charanam of one song and upload into website and give name and other information about them.From all of them 3 winners will get gifts in this function and one of them will get chance sing a song in his next picture.

Anushkas' Sizezero 'is going to release on 27th

                                                                                                               The popular actress Anushka did very hardwork for Sizezero movie.For this movie she has gained 20kgs of weight.Fans of her are eagourly waiting to see her in that movie.Finally the movie is coming to theatres on 27th of november