Sunday, 29 November 2015

Gunashekar's Rudhramadevi celebrating 50 days

"Rudhramadevi"  the warrior of queen movie is now celebrating 50 days (Ardha shathadhinotsavam) function in theatres.This film was released throughout the world.This  movie is supporting by both telugu states.This is a historical story of Kakateeya dynasty .  
   Both  telugu states Telangana  and Andhrapradesh people are wishing this movie to be successful for more than 100 days.Because this story is belongs to both the regions .
     In this movie Anushka  Shetti done a main role as Rudramadevi. Daggupati Rana has a main male role.Allu Arjun also played a special role as a Gona Gannareddy.Gunashekar's direction and Ilayaraja,s music are plus  points for this movie.

    This movie has a 3D effects.Because this film used 3D technology for picturisation.